MyungYeon WRONG STORY Chapter 12



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Review Chapter 11 (Special Myungsoo’s Birthday):

While holding both hands Myungsoo Jiyeon’s face, getting it more kepelukannya to feel fulfilled by their kiss, kiss the little voice toward the end of this new connection accomplice’s lips. CHUPSS and

BRUGGGGGGGG all individuals fell oblivious simply look Myungsoo and Jiyeon grasped like this notwithstanding kissing before them straightforwardly from close-by.

“Ommo Myungsoo-ah them why ??” asked Jiyeon straightforwardly, Myungsoo did not know what to make of the individuals went out?

– Chapter 12 –

Myungsoo and Jiyeon went straightforwardly to all the Infinite individuals who are still oblivious.

“Myungsoo-ah how is this? Why are they all so black out this way? “Jiyeon’s face into a frenzy when they drew nearer one by one, attempting to stir individuals yet not very mindful.

“Aigooo why they went out this way? What they were seeing an apparition ?? “String Myungsoo very confounded in addition to irritated at Infinite individuals.

“Ommo phantom ???” Hearing that Jiyeon in a flash change nearer to Myungsoo. Visual T-ara is surely frightened by things like that.

“Hahaa wae? Pagii like this where there is an apparition Park Jiyeon … Kajja we wake every one of them “asked Myungsoo centered back on Sungyu et al.

“I-it’s actual I think there are apparitions ….” Jiyeon answered, still somewhat hesitant to glance around, get nearer to Myungsoo.

“Aniyo … I was not unintentionally say” shout Myungsoo reaffirmed that Jiyeon not thought a lot of a phantom or something.

“Aigoo then what if we do?” Asked Jiyeon initially on their issues, to be specific how to awaken the whole Infinite individuals who were blacking out.

“Well I don’t have the foggiest idea, I’m additionally befuddled … Be that as it may, on the off chance that I think, the better they like it, we karaoke exactly how?” Jiyeon shoulder Myungsoo snatched the lead yeoja keruang karaoke.

“… I don’t tegaa Chamkaman left them. I will manufacture everything … “Jiyeon killed to take the arms of his shoulder Myungsoo hand, drew closer Woohyun to begin with, while letting stand coolnya Myungsoo with Jiyeon do what he needs.

“Tsk awesome in the event that you could wake them effectively Jiyeonie …” Said Myungsoo who now get the bits of cake birthday on the table, paid off him with a casual like anime characters L in Death Note, in addition to hair Myungsoo mouth now somewhat untidy, it looks expanding like anime the.

“I’ll attempt … Woohyun-ssi … Ireona, Sungyu-ssi …” Jiyeon on the other hand wake of the individuals.

“Hoya-ssi … Ireona, Sungjoong-ssi .. .. Dongwoo ireona Palli-ssi .. Sungyeol-ssi ..” It’s been a couple times this yeoja wake individuals however it was difficult.

“Hahahah I let them know it was difficult to get up” Myungsoo giggled at that Jiyeon exertion justified, despite all the trouble. Again he paid off the cake pieces.

“Well I know …” Seru Jiyeon while getting a thought to make the Infinite figured it out. Jiyeon immediately whispered something in the ear of every part. Quickly, every one of them stirred crazy in the wake of listening to the whispers.

“Mwoya ??? Jeongmal ??? “Pekik Sungyeol all of a sudden instantly asked, react to the words that Jiyeon whispered to every one of them.

“Andweeeee, i-it’s actual?” Now turn Woohyun yelled in dismay, up from pingsanya it, which he felt had been snoozing.

HuaMyungYeon WRONG STORY Chapter 12 ahhh recognized nunna?” Sungjoong stirred soon after listening to the whisper of Jiyeon.

“Jj-jjinja ?? Hasss percayaa I don’t … “At long last, the pioneer of acknowledgment, much the same as the others, he was likewise exceptionally amazed to hear the whisper. Taken after by Hoya likewise Dongwoo.

While Myungsoo simply can not accept on what he just saw.

“Mwoyaa ?? Ba-in what manner would it be able to be? “Asked Myungsoo when Jiyeon back was close to him, giggling fulfilled.

“I simply whispered something to oppadeul” Jiyeon answered calmly.

“Maldo andwe, what are you whispering Jiyeonie?” Again he pondered, what precisely is that Jiyeon whisper with regards to the individuals woke up simply like that and stun.

“Hahaaha I’m trying to say ….” Unfinished Jiyeon addressed inquiries Myungsoo, as of now the mobs diruangan by the part.

“Ahh Jiyeon-ssi you initially arrived … Kajja please sit .. An aigoo I’m so embarrassed to wear your outfit this answer …” Take Sungyu turned out he’d been oblivious when Jiyeon has come. He pulled a few times the hot pen down yet at the same time not diminish the extent of the pants.

“Hahaa nee-ssi Sungyu gomawo … Why are you dressed like me all?” Jiyeon requested that oblige the pioneer to take a seat, he knows the individuals more likely than not understood his landing. Jiyeon kept on smothering a giggle that tickled it.

“MWO? I-igeo just our thankfulness only for birthday Myungsoo hahaa aisshh “Woohyun answered, scratching tengkukknya. He was likewise humiliated at Jiyeon.

“Mworago?” Said Myungsoo as yet remaining at the corner, he opened his mouth like a simpleton for not trusting see the conduct of the individuals who have been stirred from blacking out turned out to be progressively strange.

“Hahah this is truly promising, there Jiyeon-ssi here” Hoya said that did not contrast much from the pioneer and the others, similarly acknowledged there Jiyeon here.

“Geure … Gomawo oppadeul ..” Jiyeon answered could no more bear to giggle, it was whispered he figured out how to make individuals overlook him and Myungsoo Kissu episode.

“Nee Jiyeon nunna why did you get in here?” Asked Sungjoong make all gestured and gazed Jiyeon, they were all sitting near the visual T-ara, while Myungsoo who still has a birthday recently overlooked.

“Yakk you change garments hyungdeul kaliann” cried Myungsoo name them one by one.

“Nee is not this dormitory neither knows the secret key other than us?” Add Hoya consider truly towards Jiyeon so are the others. Clearly the words Myungsoo overlooked by Infinitedeul.

“Aisshh why am I being overlooked? I really iterative years or Jiyeon? “Gotten some information about weird things that made Infinite.

“Well I got it from chief oppa … What I-it’s one of oppadeul?” Jiyeon answered, feeling marginally remorseful, he knew namjaduel possible this front will be undermined or even reprimand him toss.

“MWOYA ??? Chief hyung ?? “answered all individuals including Myungsoo together, though the chiefs themselves who make the tenets ought not be there who knows the secret word Infinite other than their residence and he, with shock just about their spit dribbling down where their mouth is still totally open ,

“N-ne mianee” Jiyeon answered uneasy grin, took a gander at one by one face Infinite which looks abnormal in their stun right now.

“Hahaha supervisor hyung is great” said Sungjoong at last, and afterward we give five on Sungyu, Woohyung, Dongwoo, Hoya and Sungyeol so easily, once the development stops just Sungjoong unexpectedly coordinated at Myungsoo, this visual show before the frosty face maknae. Try not to answer to give five of Sungjoong.

“E-hehe … Sungyu umma. An aigoo my back tingle, would you be able to help me menggarukkannya ?? “asked Sungjoong apparently grounded, instantly moved near the pioneer, he immediately deflected Myungsoo, while the good looking face of the cool nan keep on paying regard for where Sungjoong found.

“Mwo? huhh why with your back? “asked Sungyu with blended uncertainty bewildered at the maknae who all of a sudden shows punggunya. Eye Sungjoong quick look at Myungsoo still with an expression like that.

“OMMO … umma now here diperutku … tingle … huuaaa se-once” again Sungjoong include reason spun confronting the pioneer, so unavoidably both hands Sungyu who was scratching the paunch namja Sungjoong compelled to switch it.

“Yakk why can body tingling like this Sungjoongie ????” Sungyu screeched with wrath, it’s been one thing maknae experienced them, when in truth Sungjoong simply would prefer not to be seen Myungsoo with sharp and chilly, some way or another cool is possessed it is innate visual Infinite once didiri Myungsoo.

“Mollayo I likewise don’t know umma, ahh here umma … aigoo tingle” moaned Sungjoong over and again issued outward appearance accurately.

“Aigoo here?” Asked Sungyu still hesitant Sungjoong tummy scratched, maknae is effectively made all individuals grimaced.

“Nee … right Sungyu umma … aigooo wae? Am I wrong to eat? “said Sungjoong Myungsoo look, all of a sudden harden back in the midst of actingnya it.

“You all help me ….” Seru Sungyu can not calm tingling Sungjoong body.

“Nee ahh alright” joyfully Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya also Sungyeol help Sungyu, all the while scratching their whole back maknae incorporate stomach namja excellent.

“OMMOO …. Ak-I …. “Sungjoong uncovered therefore, she couldn’t escape from the assistance of the individuals.

“Kajja Jiyeonie … we go from here … this spot is getting perilous on the off chance that it is too long to be in any way here” whispered Myungsoo Jiyeon’s hand, quietly them both out of the residence, let Sungjoong manhandled by Infinitedeul.

“Hahhahah them amusing …” Jiyeon couldn’t smother a snicker when Sungjoong request help to any individual who was there, he was still checked by Sungyu et al, looked once Dongwoo too far in helping Sungjoong scratching namja was very unpleasant and solid, every so often they all giggled in the midst of lack of awareness, yet not for Sungjoong, it resembles a boomerang for him.

“Huuuaaa I don’t need any longer to see the face Myungsoo hyung …. Umma appa … ahjussiduel hentikannnn “said